For readers outside of the US, on Saturday, 09 August, a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black youth (of 18 years of age), Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri (in the St. Louis metropolitan area).  Since that incident, there has been looting and rioting in the community of Ferguson with angry individuals acting in a manner to provoke the police on the streets each night.  (Molotov cocktails have been hurled and police vehicles have been shot at.)  These protests have not been peaceful.  Apparently, there are trouble makers driving to Ferguson from other locales to engage in such provocative and violent activities.

We do not have all the facts about this police shooting – and neither do you have all the facts.  But, here are some of the things we have heard in the media and on radio talk shows.

1. An assertion that the police officer was assaulted (fists to his head) by Brown while the officer was trying to get out of his vehicle.  We do not know if this is true, or if this is based on any eye witness account(s).

2.  There has been a claim or assertion that the youth began to rush towards the officer after verbally telling the officer off when the officer told him to halt.  Note: If the police officer had already been assaulted by Brown, then he was going to attempt to arrest him (Brown) for that assault.

3.  Brown was shot 6 times.  4 shots were to his right arm and 2 shots (lethal) were to his head.  This was confirmed in one of the autopsies performed on his body.  Note: All the bullets entered the front of his body.

We have heard that Brown was 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed near 300 pounds.  Thus, he was a big, strong young man.

one possible scenario

Again, readers, neither you nor I have all the facts of this incident.

Here is one plausible scenario to consider and it has absolutely nothing to do with race or racism.

The police officer was assaulted by Brown receiving fist blows, punches to his head.  (I dare say that a 300 pound man puts some serious force behind his punches.  Brown may not have even known his own strength and his adrenaline was likely flowing strong in his body at the time.)

The police officer then attempted to make an arrest as a crime had just been committed – his violent assault.  Brown, jacked up on adrenaline, used verbal expletives from a distance (of 30 to 35 feet) to basically say I am not going to submit to arrest.  Brown also had a friend, another youth, nearby (this is what we have heard).

Brown, in a highly agitated and aggressive state of mind, gives into the impulse to rush the officer with the intention of physically beating him or perhaps to seize the officer’s firearm.

The law enforcement officer, having already been punched hard in the head, fires at Brown aiming at his arm.  (Shots to the arm are not likely to have occurred after lethal shots to the head.)  This is done to get the youth to stop.  Sadly, it has the opposite effect, and serves to further enrage Brown, who continues rushing at the officer.  (Brown has full use of his left arm which has not been hit by any bullet.)  After 4 shots to Brown’s arm, a critical fraction of a second is reached in real time.

Note: All this appears to have happened before other police officers arrived on the scene.

In your mind’s eye, place yourself in the position of the police officer.

At the last fraction of a second, before the officer fired the 5th and 6th shots that were lethal, the color of Brown’s skin was likely not even on his mind.  His personal survival was very likely foremost in his thoughts – and for good reason.

media circus, yet again

This incident in the St. Louis area, much like the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, could and ought to have remained a local news item, and not gone national or viral.  This event has become another media circus and the media is responsible for stirring the pot so to speak. The professional race baiters are now involved and will not let emotions cool down.  And, some of these race baiting individuals claim to be Christian ministers.

We, in the US, have one of the most corrupt, craven and dishonest news media in the Western world.  (We have already written on journalism not being a “profession”.)

a festering, simmering problem in the black community for decades

Fatherless black youths.

People are going to screw (have sex).  Like it or not – that is the reality.

Those who are going to be “sexually active” (read: promiscuous)  outside of wedlock really ought to use effective means to prevent conceptions.  As they do not use such means, these children conceived either end up being “terminated” in the nation’s abortion mills, or end up growing up without a father in the home.  (Approximately 2/3 of black babies conceived out-of-wedlock are terminated in abortions.  The vast majority of those not aborted are raised by single mothers with no father in the home.  Approximately one third of all abortions performed in the US each year are performed on black women and black teenage girls.)

Family formation is not occurring at a high rate in the black community.  And, the policies of the Left since the mid 1960s have contributed to this serious problem.  (White citizens are not preventing blacks from forming families.)  Young men who have not had a father figure and been taught self discipline and self control by a father are more prone to getting involved in criminal activities and thus will have much interaction with law enforcement officers.  That is the reality based on real world human experience.

Lest you think I write these words from a “racist” mindset, I will say this.  In my neighborhood, we have a few black families.  These are good, decent people with both parents in the home.  We have our share of low life “white trash” youths that get in trouble often enough and are largely the result of absent fathers or fathers who made no effort to instill self discipline in their children (because they were/are alcoholics, drug addicts or simply do not care).  As well, we have young Mexican gang bangers that commit violent crimes in the community.  But, right now, the nation’s attention is focused on this incident in Missouri and many blacks are screaming “racism”.

These young blacks are angry.  But their anger would be more appropriately directed towards the fathers that abandoned them (and perhaps at their unwed mothers), and at the system of welfare dependency that encourages and enables this irresponsible behavior to continue decade after decade.

additional, larger questions

Today, after 5 and one half years of Obama being in power, black unemployment is still noticeably and painfully higher than when Bush and Greenspan (through his earlier interest rate hikes to burst the real estate bubble that he created) crashed the economy in 2007 and 2008.  This situation gives rise to despair in black neighborhoods across this nation.

A question comes to mind:  What, if anything, is President Barack Obama, who owes his re-election in 2012 to the votes of black Americans en masse, going to do for the blacks?!

Or, alternatively, when is he going to get around to doing it?


Today: 19 August 2014 update:  Here is a link to an audio interview with a woman known as “Josie” (a friend of the police officer) who gives the officer’s side of the events.  You may have to click at the lower right of the screen to start the audio.

Further update:  20 August 2014:  Was the assault committed by Brown on officer Wilson a hate crime?  Brown smashed Wilson’s eye and face causing serious injury (that may require surgery on Wilson’s eye).

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