the Tibetan style temples in Lijiang, Yunnan province


We now share some photos from Lijiang in Yunnan province in southern China.  The northwestern part of Yunnan Province is not very far from the eastern most part of Tibet. We wonder if the temple and monastery construction shown in some of these pics is not being done for the benefit of tourists.  Perhaps, these constructions are tourist replicas of actual temples and monasteries in Tibet that have been destroyed or are off limits to Western tourists.

As at Dali, picture taking inside the temples was either forbidden or discouraged.

Lijiang is at high elevation and has days with clear blue skies.


China 47


Information about the monastery complex.


China 46


From a distance, one sees the indications of continuing construction.


China 62


Buses in the foreground.


China 61


A street level view of a colorful temple or religious annex.


China 60


Another street level view.  Note the clear blue sky.  (The pictures along the Yangtze were so laden with clouds or river fog or haze.)


China 59


An information sign for visitors (in multiple languages) outside an entrance to a temple.


China 58


Another street level scene while ascending to the monastery previously shown above.


China 57


A zen moment for those open to it.  A waste container in a temporarily deserted area.


China 56


Minutes later we have this view.


China 55


And, the same view from several feet further on.


China 54


Information for visitors.


China 53


More information for visitors.


China 52


A view from above looking down.


China 51


Religious symbols.  Note the tourists at bottom that give some sense of scale to this edifice.


China 50


Tibetan Tantric art is very colorful whether it is in tapestries, paintings, costumes, or sand mandalas.


China 49


Descending now.


China 48


Walking down the stone steps.


China 41



A local stop for snacks.


China 63 Lijiang


An unusual looking local fruit or vegetable.


some kind of fruit in Lijiang


A small, possibly malnourished pig.


China small pig


Recycle and trash containers.  This is likely not from Lijiang but we show it here to finish our picture essay.


China 64


As we are nearly finished with the pictures from China, we share this link to the first photographic essay of this assignment to China (posted when our photographer was still jet lagged after returning the day before from Asia) for the benefit of new readers.  It has some nice images.

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