“racism” in the US: why do only blacks get to frame the debate?

As the mainstream media’s narrative is beginning to unravel (much sooner than in the Trayvon Martin case in 2012), and as angry black mobs scream “racism” nightly in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, we ask this question.

As to “racism” in the US:  why do only blacks get to frame the debate?

We leave it to readers to ponder that question.

Before continuing, we caution readers: this is not a politically correct essay.  If you are uncomfortable thinking outside the box of political correctness, this essay is not for you. (We do not traffic in political correctness on this blog.  We search for truth, as inconvenient as that may be found to be.)

First, some thoughts on the developing story in Ferguson.

We want justice for police officer Darren Wilson who is the real victim here.  Was it a hate crime when Michael Brown crushed in Wilson’s eye with his fists causing serious injuries (that may require surgery to repair and may result in vision problems and painful headaches for years to come for Wilson)?!  Brown was black and Wilson is white.  Was that violent assault a hate crime?  This assault occurred while officer Wilson was attempting to get out of his patrol car.

Was this assault motivated by Brown’s racism against white people?

If Brown were alive, albeit in hospital, he ought to be charged with these crimes:  robbery of the convenience store, assault on a police officer (causing serious bodily harm), resisting arrest, and a hate crime.  (His possible intent to kill officer Wilson as he rushed at the officer prior to being killed is not likely provable.)  As well, officer Wilson ought to engage attorneys to sue Brown (if he were alive) for compensatory monetary damages for his serious injuries.

Officer Darren Wilson showed incredible restraint as this unfolded very quickly in real-time.  If your face had just been smashed in by this Brown individual, causing blurred vision in one eye and pain in your head, would you still have fired 4 non lethal shots (prior to firing lethally) as this nearly 300 pound young man charged you from 25 feet away?  Consider that honestly in the privacy of your thoughts.

Make no mistake:  Michael Brown was no saint.  He was no martyr.  He was no innocent victim.

I warned that this is not a politically correct essay.

Now, to larger issues.

US Attorney General, Eric Holder is now visiting Ferguson.  To what end?  He is compromised.  The nation no longer has confidence in him or his Justice Department. Consider that Holder’s Justice Department has failed to comply with House requests (including subpoenas) for information on the several serious scandals, most of which involved the violation of existing laws, of the Obama Administration.  There will be no justice here.  What we likely see is an attempt to destroy Darren Wilson’s life and reputation.

This may backfire as support nationwide for officer Wilson is growing as more facts come out about what actually happened on 09 August 2014.  (Thanks in no small part to non mainstream media sources.)

We now see the charade, the droll farce of the professional race baiters on scene in Ferguson for some time as they were in Florida over the Trayvon Martin case in 2012. What these hypocrites and empty frauds will not bemoan are the nearly 8,000 blacks murdered each year by other blacks.  That is never mentioned by these empty frauds.  If their concern truly is for the lives of young blacks, why are they silent about these thousands of murders of blacks by other blacks?!

FBI statistics, year after year after year, show that the vast majority of violent crimes (murders, rapes, etc.) that are committed where the perpetrators and the victims are of different races are committed by blacks against whites.  Verify that for yourself – you can go to the FBI website.  (In the essay linked to below on the state of race relation in the US we provide some links for you.)  Are these crimes evidence of racism on the part of blacks directed at white people?

I have lived among black people in the mid-Atlantic region of the US and on the West Coast of the US.  This is not abstract for me.  I have seen that there is a very virulent strain of racism within the black community.  This is not to say that all black people are racists.  But, the racism is prevalent in their communities.  That is what I have seen over the years.

some thoughts on “racism”

Black Americans have been free from slavery for 150 years now.  What is that? – 7 or 8 generations now.  There has been 50 years of civil rights laws and enforcement nationwide. For decades there has been preferential treatment of blacks in college and graduate school admissions (known as “affirmative action”).

Legal immigrants to this nation from other distant lands (such as India, east Asia, and Europe) often achieve a middle class standard of living, or better, in one generation or less. (My wife’s family is the example of this that I am most familiar with, but I personally know of many other examples.)  How do they do this?  Through hard work and self-sacrifice. Through getting educations and starting small businesses, or by entering the professions.

What is preventing black Americans in large numbers from doing this?  Institutional racism?

(By the way, both Asians and white individuals have suffered due to affirmative action for blacks in college admissions, and some have won law suits over this.)

“Racism” is the excuse that too many black Americans use so as to avoid facing the unpleasant reality that they themselves are responsible for not bettering themselves. Emotional charges of “racism” serve to perpetuate this state of denial for many blacks.  In the minds of many black people, they are “perpetual victims” – and it cannot be otherwise.

And, what do we have today?

Here is the reality check.

What a phyrric victory for black Americans!

Because of Ferguson – millions of non-blacks in the US have had their hearts hardened and can no longer bleed for the blacks.  People are tired of blacks hiding behind “racism” and continuing to be violent and destructive at a much higher rate than any other group in the country.

As well, black anger or rage will motivate blacks to once again show up in large numbers to vote (in November) for the party of slavery in the ante-bellum South, for the party of Jim Crow (segregation laws in the 20th century), and for the party of the “Great Society” with its welfare dependency (since the mid 1960s).  Ironic, is it not?

As a society, we ought not pander to bogus charges of “racism” and we ought not tolerate violence from any group.  Do we want a civil society or not?

end of essay

Here are some helpful links if you need more to think about (or more to chew on).

Here is a link to an audio interview with a woman known as “Josie” (a friend of the police officer, Darren Wilson) who gives the officer’s side of the events.  You may have to click at the lower right of the screen to start the audio.


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  1. Completely agree. Nice essay. When I was looking for scholarships for this year a majority of them was for black students. Nothing against this but it was extremely hard for me to find scholarships for a white female from a middle class family.

    God Bless. 🙂

      1. Didn’t know about that until I read your article. Mainly because I am too busy packing for college and working. So havn’t gotten the chance to watch the news the past couple of weeks. I usually keep up with these kinds of things.

  2. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this link from YouTube. I have watched this and now share it. Here is one black man’s view of the protests and riots in Missouri.

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