some scenery pics from far off Asia

Do not allow regrets from the past and worries of the future to rob you of the beauty to be found in the present moment (like enjoying a serving of tapioca pudding).

This morning at breakfast, with a window open here in the high elevation desert, I heard a bird laughing.  Yes, it sounded like a laugh that this bird was emitting.  It made me smile. (Perhaps the bird was a Laughing Chukar.  One of the nearby streets is named after such a bird.  Yes, this must be the bird who laughs at us humans.)

We feel like we are an automated lighthouse on a remote, lonely, rocky headland or offshore island, or a beacon in deep space that space travellers come across every so many thousands or millions of years or so.  . . . .  still blogging  . . . .  because we have been programmed to do so.

In this picture essay, we present the remaining images taken in China in late Spring.  (May be someday our photographer will journey to India and we will have pictures to share of that fabled land.)  Our photographer will soon be in Mexico for a few days.  Perhaps, we will have some photos worth sharing in September.  As well, concept or thematic essays will be presented next month.  But, for now, enjoy these photos.

This is a nice image of a parking area with a backdrop of hills and clouds.


China 45


These images, the one above and the next 4, were taken on the return from the Lijiang temples.  River, clouds and hillsides are seen.


China 43


Another view.


China 44


Our photographer on assignment.


Lucy in China


A view from a bridge.


China 42


These next few images appear to have been taken on the way to Shangri-La on the previous day.

Here is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.  (In late Spring, there is no snow visible.)


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


An image taken a couple of minutes later in another direction.  That is not graffiti on the concrete wall of the bridge.


China 111


A picture of the same scenery having walked with the camera a little further in one direction.


China 112


Several minutes later we see this view.  This is a picture of the “Five Goats” – the significance of which is not known to us.


China 110 five Goats


A moment later this scene was captured on film.  More clouds and river.


China 109


Some minutes later, we have this view.


China 108


2 hours later we see indications of farming on the hillsides.


China 104


Some minutes on we see this view of human activity on the hills.


China 101


Here we see small cattle in China.


China cattle


As for China, we do not care for all the computer hacking and cyber attacks that originate there.  This is a form of warfare that the miscreants that govern “the people’s republic” are waging against the West.

These next 2 pictures were taken at a Mexican restaurant this past weekend.  Avocados and tomatoes are very healthy to eat.


Mexican food


Shrimp was also served in addition to beef and chicken.




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