pictures from Puerto Vallarta – part one – beach, sea and sky


We now share some pictures taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the last 2 days of August and the first 2 days of September.

In this image, one can see beach, sea and sky.


surf at beach


The foaming surf.


surf at beach 2


Thatched stationary sun umbrellas for tourists.  Needed more on a sunny day.


beach clouds and water


A low-lying, cloudy sky with palm trees and beach.


beach and clouds


Our photographer has done this before on other holidays.  We are not sure as to the significance or meaning, if any, of this sand pouring ritual.


bizarre sand ceremony


Looking back towards the resort hotel, we see these palm trees.


palm trees


Another view of the beach.


beach scene 4


On another day, a local family enjoys the beach.


beach scene 2


In this image, we see a blue sky and part of the beach is in shadow.


beach scene


Looking inland, possibly from an upper level viewing area in the hotel, we get a good view of a cloudy sky and many trees.  Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and is in the tropics.


sky and land


Our final 3 views show our blog’s photographer at the beach on different days.


beach scene 3


Underneath a sun umbrella.  Beach chairs are needed.


lucy at beach 3


Even with delays in the flight departing the airport in the US, Lucy and her party were able to make it to the beach that first day and catch the sunset in this photo.


Lucy at beach


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