pictures from Puerto Vallarta – part two – food at the resort hotel

In this photo essay, we share pics of the food served at the resort hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

Here we see strawberries and kiwi.


strawberry and kiwi


These appear to be decorative artificial apples.




Colorful cup cakes.


cup cakes


These look like apple desserts.


apples desert


Salad with tomatoes.




Ceviche?  (Not sure of the spelling.)  Looks good with what looks like avocado.




Prawns and tortilla chips.


prawns and tortilla chips


Rice with corn.


rice with corn


The actual dish now.


rice with corn 2


Chicken surrounded by lettuce.








Mahi mahi.  (The camera had technical difficulties in this shot.)


mahi mahi


Fish and chips.


fish and chips


Beef in rosemary sauce.




The actual dish.


beef 2


Our photographer on location enjoying breakfast.


Lucy at breakfast


Steak (even in this off-color image, it looks inviting).




Corn tortilla chips.


tortilla chips


In this last image, we see what appears to be guacamole (avocado based).




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