The coming Islamization of post Christian, socialist Europe?

We now play the role of social critic.

Today, Muslim immigrants seek to subvert Europe from within.  There is no assimilation nor accommodation possible for these militant, angry Muslims.  Is there a European future for Europe?

A post Christian, secularized, socialist Europe has lost its sense of itself, lost its soul, lost its courage.  And, is thus far not up to meeting the challenge of Islam.

the current situation

There is increasing violence in Europe by Muslim immigrants and more recently by European converts to Islam as well.  There are attacks on Jews and Christians and their houses of worship.  Women and girls are assaulted, raped and humiliated because they are not Muslim.  Several summers ago, in France, Muslim youths went on a nightly rampage for weeks with much arson and destruction of property.

Westerners must realize that Muslims do not see crimes and attacks against “infidels”(any and all non-Muslims) as being crimes.

These violent crimes require serious prison sentences.  One has to wonder about European men who cannot or will not protect their wives and daughters from raping Muslim youth. Make no mistake: Rape is a physically violent crime intended to humiliate, degrade and dehumanize the victim.  Cowardly Muslims often seek the defenseless and/or the vulnerable to victimize.

It is baffling that Europe allowed immigration from Muslim dominated countries.  (The former colonial status of some of these Muslim countries of origin is irrelevant.)  If Europe needs immigrants to work in its economy (since no European nations are at replacement birth levels), why not accept immigrants from non-Muslim nations, from countries that are not anti-Western?  There are a number of non-Muslim countries that send many workers overseas each year.

Some Europeans are belatedly waking up and in some countries are calling for limits and restrictions to immigration from Muslim lands.  However, if you dare to voice your concerns on this issue, or show any “nationalist” sentiment in Europe, you will be smeared as being a “fascist” or a “Nazi”.

It is important to note that militant European converts to Islam are a rapidly growing part of the challenge that Europe faces.

the Muslim desire for conquest – many centuries old

Muslims have invaded Europe more than once in the past.

In 732, Charles Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne) defeated the Muslims at Tours in France.  The Muslims retreated back beyond the Pyrenees and occupied Spain for several centuries until the last Moors were expelled by Ferdinand and Isabella (circa 1492).

The Crusades (beginning in 1095) were in part a western response to the major victory of the Seljuk Turks at Manzikert in eastern Anatolia (Asia Minor) in 1071 which seriously weakened Byzantine (Greek) power.

The Ottoman Turks (who were Muslims), after conquering Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1453, continued threatening Christian Europe and were twice stopped at the gates of Vienna.  (Ever wondered why there are Muslims in Bosnia?)  In 1529, weather prevented an Ottoman success.  In 1683, on 11 and 12 September, a combination of Polish aid and the modern warfare techniques of the Europeans stopped the Turks.  (The croissant – or crescent – pastry was the Viennese way of celebrating these victories.)

The Wahhabists and the Saudis.  The Saudi family made a deal with the Wahhabists (religious “reformers”, purists) in order to secure their backing of Saudi claims to rule Arabia in the early 20th century.  In return for the Wahhabists’ support against the claims of rival clans, the Saudis would allow Wahhabists to control all things religious in the new kingdom.  The Wahhabists, after their founding and like many other religious reformers, quickly began killing any who resisted being reformed.  Today, Saudi Arabia funds many Muslim schools around the globe that indoctrinate Muslim youth in hatred of all things non-Muslim.

if Islam conquers

What might happen in Europe if the Muslims gain power?

If Islam prevails in Europe (or in America), there will be few, if any, women’s rights and gays will have no rights and no legal protections.  Then, women and gays will experience life in a truly oppressive society.

If the Islamists succeed, there will be a lack of freedom of religion (or of the freedom to not be religious).  One may still be a non-Muslim but it will subject one to ongoing discrimination, periodic abuse and the ever-present potential to be violently persecuted.

Forced genital mutilation for both females and males.  (For those readers in the US: Europeans do not circumcise their baby boys as this is not medically necessary.)  When you mutilate the genitals of a person – at birth or at adolescence – female or male – it is not about God’s will, and it has nothing to do with health or “cleanliness”.  It is about power and control.  Genital mutilation causes a very significant reduction of the pleasurable sexual sensations (experienced during coitus) in mutilated adults (both males and females) as thousands of nerve endings are amputated and permanently lost.  (This is why we condemn infant male circumcision in the US.  Children have a right to bodily integrity.)

Far fetched, you say?  Not as far fetched as you may think.  Consider the reports coming out of Syria and Iraq where ISIS has conquered.

troubling situation and a question

Can atheists, moral relativists, nihilists, socialists, communists, and hedonists effectively resist these violent Muslim subversives and revolutionaries?  So far, these Europeans have not given any effective resistance.

At present, it appears that these demoralized individuals do not feel it is worth fighting for their culture, for their way of life.  The fight is being taken to them by the Muslims.  The Muslims are not interested in mere peaceful “co-existence” in Europe.

other related items

Robert Spencer has a website called Jihad Watch that is very informative.  I have heard him speak periodically on various radio programs over the past 10 years.  Robert notes that there really are no “moderate” Muslims, only some lax Muslims.

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  1. Interesting notes, but how about the European who came to Southeast Asia with their “gold, glory and gospel” purposes? To be fair, you should write about that as well.

    1. Yes. As to Southeast Asia and its history . . . . The people of the Philippines thought that they would achieve their independence from Spain, but instead they found themselves a territory of the US for nearly 50 years. Going further back, you see the Dutch in Indonesia and the British in Malaya and Burma, and the French in Indochina. Then, the Japanese got into the act with their “Co-Prosperity Sphere” during World War II. That is important history, but, what is going on in Europe is happening now.

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