pictures from Puerto Vallarta – part three – the resort hotel

In this photo essay, we present the remaining pics from Puerto Vallarta (taken from 30 August to 2 September 2014).

This is a view of water aerobics.


water aerobics


Here we see the hotel and grounds with the ocean nearby.  This appears to have been taken from a top floor or roof viewing area.


hotel and ocean


Another view of the hotel grounds from above.


pic at resort 2


On the balcony of the hotel room, we see our photographer and a view of nearby palm trees.  A popular Mexican beer is at hand, Corona.


Lucy on hotel balcony with Corona beer


The palm trees grow very close to the beach.


local area


A final look at the nearby greenery before continuing our photo tour.


grounds near hotel


This is some interesting rock work near one of the hotel pools.


rocks by pool


Another view.


rocks by pool 2


Here is a chess set with local children posing for a picture.


chess board


This young native approached our photographer and was sad or disappointed at not being in the previous shot.


a native


If one is an early riser while on holiday, one can have the pool pretty much to one’s self.


lucy at pool


Another view of the hotel and one of its pools.


hotel and pool


A final look at this pool.


hotel pool


Here is a view of the nearby grounds.  Sky, sea and land are all major components of the local, tropical scene.  And, all these present interesting and sometimes changing views.


Lucy on the grounds


More local children.


local children


Colorful flowers on the hotel grounds.


Lucy and flowers


This area is likely between the hotel and the nearby beach.


resort grounds


The sky can change frequently, especially in the tropics.  We present some views of a cloudy sky.  This photo was taken at midday.


pool and clouds


Another view.


pool and clouds 2


A little earlier, this view was captured.  We see a low hanging cloudy (dark) sky over the Pacific Ocean and one of the swimming pools at the hotel.


Lucy by pool


At a different time, the sky is not so dark.




A fairly clear sky can be seen here.


pool at hotel


A few final pictures.  The hotel room’s balcony had a small “jacuzzi” for guests to use and enjoy.  In this view, it is not in operation.


Lucy in hotel room


At the local airport, for the return flight to the US.


inside the airport 2


Dual language signs.


inside the airport


This completes our 3 part photo essay on the recent, short holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

copyright 2014 –

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