some random thoughts, comic cover art, and the imminent solar equinox

As I slip on the bloody cobblestones of the medieval Spanish castle courtyard, the bearded Saracen swordsman slices through my abdomen a lethal wound.  As my body collapses to the ground, my spirit soars free.  . . . .  Now, perhaps, I will have my chance to meet the woman who has haunted my dreams for many years.  She always runs ahead of me in the night, always eluding my grasp as I ardently pursue her.  Her long black tresses are visible at times in the moonlight as we run beneath trees.  I can hear her soft laughter.  Does she mock me?  Or, is she playfully teasing me – as a lover would?

a random thought

When you are having trouble convincing someone of the truth of your words, if you say “I beg you to believe me.”, do not be surprised if the opposite effect is achieved.  Humans have much difficulty believing and trusting each other.

comic cover art

In the 1970s, a number of the fictional tales from paperback books featuring Conan (the Barbarian, the literary creation of Robert E. Howard (1906 – 1936)) were adapted to a comic format.  These stories, in the sword and sorcery sub genre, were featured in The Savage Sword of Conan (SSOC), published by Marvel Comics Group.  These were no bedtime stories for small children, but were action adventure tales with some supernatural and fantasy elements.  These magazines had brightly colored covers, and inside the pages – with prose and illustrations – were all in black and white.

The issues or editions with cover art by Earl Norem were always visually attractive.  These were on sale in the comic book racks at various convenience and book stores in the very late 1970s.

Here is one particularly striking example of Norem’s skills and talents in illustrating (from 1979).


SSOC 46 2


1979:  Those were days of undergraduate classes at a major mid Atlantic university, pumping iron and building muscle, and drinking beer.  Reading at times to learn, and at other times reading just for enjoyment.

the solar equinox

It will soon be Spring south of the Equator – for readers in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.  For the rest of us, those living north of the Equator, it will be Autumn with longer and colder nights coming.

We will miss the bikini clad young women with their easy, pleasant smiles and their youthful vitality and zest.

Shadows from fixed objects like trees and buildings change in length with the seasons as the sun’s position in the sky is different.  Here we see the shadow from a tree on a concrete driveway.


shadows 3


a not so random thought

Now, I am going on assignment.  The call of San Francisco is luring me back to “The City”. Perhaps,  I will get some pictures worth sharing upon my return.

We will have to drive through some smoke from the many forest fires in northern California this week.  It is always an adventure driving down through the mountains and then the central valley to get to the coast.

In this next view, an image is captured through the car window while driving into San Francisco on the Bay Bridge.  One sees a portion of the downtown skyline.


periphery of downtown SF


This more recent photo is from Market Street with views up Pine Street (to the right) and along Market Street (to the left in the picture) if memory serves me correctly.  The summer morning was “overcast” with some clouds.




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