Exploratorium San Francisco – part one

It was good to see families, young children with their parents, enjoying this place.   There are hands on exhibits, interactive exhibits where children and adults can learn new things mainly about science and related technology.

We visited the Exploratorium on Saturday, 20 September 2014.  All the pictures in this essay were taken at that time.  In this first part of our photo essay, we will look at some of the exhibits.  Our feature image (from this facility) has an optical illusion effect.


optical illusion


This San Francisco attraction is housed in an old pier (Pier 15).


inside exploratorium


Many of the exhibits deal with optics, electromagnetism, sound, and wave behavior.




Let’s first look at some tools.  Here we see some very large C clamps.




Assorted tools.  To introduce young, city children to tools?




Sundry tools,  Wrenches, screw drivers, etc.


exhibit 2


Tinkering with tools.  A carved wooden human head.




An interactive area for children.


interactive exhibit


An interesting wall hanging.


wall hanging


This old fashioned barber shop light was in the optical exhibits areas.  The interior cylinder rotates giving the impression that the colored stripes are moving up.  (Red, white and blue – this must have been invented in the US.)


barber shop cylinder


These colored lights were flashing and continuously changing colors, but the shutter speed of the camera captures the way these looked at a specific instant in time.  The effect on the eyes and brain when watching led one to think the color patterns were in motion.


colored lights 2


Another shot – taken just seconds earlier or later – showing the different colors in different locations.


colored lights


This was another exhibit in the optics and light area of the Exploratorium.  Light refraction is it?  Breaking white light into its components as a prism does.


colors refracted


This framed picture was on one of the walls.  There may be an optical illusion effect to it.




These tubes or pipes below were part of an exhibit about sound and its characteristics.


organ pipes


Here we see a model of the double helix strands of genetic instructions known more commonly as DNA (or Deoxyribonucleic acid).


DNA model 2


Various size chairs.  In our next installment, we will give some visual perspective here as our companion will interact with various exhibits.  These 3 chairs recall to mind a childhood fairy tale, but I cannot quite remember the name of it.


chairs 2


I did not take this next photo and am not clear on what this blue globe is about.


blue ball


There were many small interactive exhibits on electromagnetism (one of the 4 fundamental or basic forces in nature/physics, and the one that we have utilized the most in modern technological civilization).


electric exhibit


Magnetic pendulums.


electric exhibit 2


Another interactive exhibit.


electric exhibit 3


You can interact and see the effects produced.  A “hands on” learning experience.


electric exhibit 4


To learn more about The Exploratorium, you can visit its website:


copyright 2014 – larrysmusings.com

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