the pain loving people feel

The pain loving individuals often feel is that of not being loved in return.

We are born into an unloving world.  Can there be any doubt about that?


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Experiencing this lack of love throughout our lives takes its toll on us over the years.  The pain is most poignant when we are not loved by those whom we love, and who we expected love from in return.

“If you love, expect to be hurt.”  That is what one of my high school teachers (a religious) told the class decades ago.  The other side of the coin may be that if you are not a loving person, if you truly do not care for or about others, then you will not likely be hurt much in your relationships.

It is difficult to be a loving and caring person in this harsh, callous world.  But, if it is in your nature to be a caring, loving person, you will go on loving.  If only those who were not by nature loving persons could learn to be so.

What of God’s love?  Of course, God’s love is often hard to see from our perspective as so much suffering is dumped on us over the course of our lives.

I will try to be a loving person.  The years of encountering people’s lack of love (or even hate) have wearied me.  Love is what I will take with me when I depart this world.

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