Exploratorium San Francisco – part two

It was good to see families, young children with their parents, enjoying this place.   There are hands on exhibits, interactive exhibits where children and adults can learn new things mainly about science and related technology.

We visited the Exploratorium on Saturday, 20 September 2014.  All the pictures in this essay were taken at that time.  In this second part of our photo essay, we will see our blog’s photographer interact with some of the exhibits and include the remaining images from inside this facility.

In our feature image, we see a construction of tooth picks.


tooth pick art 4



If you are familiar with the landmarks of San Francisco, you can identify a few in this toothpick artwork.


tooth pick art


It took 37 years to make this.


tooth pick art 5


This exhibit was a challenge for those who tried it.  The object was to get the ball to stay afloat in the jet of air that came out of the red cone.  Most attempts had the ball whirling away and falling to the floor.  If one could get the ball to remain directly above the cone when the cone was perpendicular to the floor, then the ball would hang in the air for some seconds (supported by the jet of air from the cone).


lucy interacting 2


This was one of the interactive exhibits.  I think this had to do with color and the eye’s reactions to changes in color.


lucy interacting


One of the areas for children (of all ages) to tinker around.


interactive exhibit Lucy


These next 3 pics are of Lucy playing with some sand like substance from underneath.  One of the many “hands-on” exhibits.


Lucy playing 2


She is enjoying the experience.


Lucy playing


Success achieved – both handprints showing up in the medium.


Lucy playing 3


We saw these  chairs of different sizes in part one.  Here, a human sits in one to give perspective.




Another view.  Now, sitting in the large chair.  This large chair must be for beings that are about 3 meters (10 feet) tall.


chair 2


On the wall, we see a list of benefactors of the Exploratorium.


wall placque


Lucy stands a little more than 5 feet tall.  This is a rather thick tree trunk.


tree trunk


A nearby view of another tree trunk, probably taken from one of the old growth forests in California.


tree trunk and lucy 2


There was an outdoor perimeter area where visitors could eat their hand packed (brown bag) lunches.  We can see we are among the piers.  As well, one can see Coit Tower (a local landmark) in the distance on this cloudy day.


outside area


In this outdoor perimeter area, there was this play area for children.  Children could climb around inside the object (seen behind our photographer).


outside play area


I could not resist a small purchase at the gift shop.  2 pieces of colorful calcite from Mexico.  The larger piece fills about half of my palm – so these are not tiny.


souvenir rocks


copyright 2014 – larrysmusings.com

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