San Francisco downtown views

We present now some views of San Francisco.

This is a photo of one of the Embarcadero Center office buildings over looking the bay.


Embarcadero Center San Francisco



A lone sail boat on the bay with the Bay Bridge in the distance.


sail boat on the bay


Taking this picture through the windows at the Exploratorium, we see the Bay Bridge in the distance.  This bridge connects Oakland with San Francisco.


outside area 2


Here is a better view of the bridge.  We also see a ferry tour boat.  Container ships bound for the Port of Oakland pass under this bridge.  Before the Alameda Naval Air Station was closed in the mid 1990s, a few times each year one could see an aircraft carrier come in under the bridge heading towards Alameda (adjacent to Oakland).  Now, one must either visit San Diego or the Seattle area to see navy carriers on the Pacific Coast.


Bay Bridge San Francisco


Here is a pic of a modern ferry boat.




Taken through the glass window, in this view we see part of the skyline of San Francisco (seen from the piers).


ferry and buildings


The Transamerica Pyramid is visible in this view on a cloudy Saturday.


downtown buildings 2


Another view.


downtown buildings


In this next photo, we tried to center and isolate the Pyramid in the distance.




After finishing exploring the Exploratorium, we chose to walk back to the public transit station downtown.  Here, along the various piers and shops, we see the office buildings of the financial district in the distance.


walking along the Embarcadero


As we neared Market Street, we see these tall buildings looming larger in our view.  In this view, we can see all four of the Embarcadero Centers.


Embarcadero centers 3


Closer now, and the buildings appear larger.


Embarcadero centers 2


A broad side view of the tallest of the Embarcadero Centers.


Embarcadero center


As we approached the plaza, in the shadow of the tall buildings, we see the Ferry Building – a survivor of the 1906 earthquake – in the distance.


Ferry Building San Francisco


Now in the plaza. we see this abstract work of art.




Further along, as we approached the open air market stalls for t-shirts and souvenirs and with a rock band playing, we took these next images of flowers.


flowers near downtown plaza 3


Colorful flowers on what was the last weekend of summer.


flowers near downtown plaza


Another view.


flowers near downtown plaza 2


I think this is One Embarcadero Center, the tallest one of the four centers. We are now close to Market Street and have walked around from our earlier vantage point (seen in photos above).


Embarcadero Center San Francisco


Now, on Market Street, we see the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the right, and further on the US Bank building (also known as One California Street).


On Market Street San Francisco


The street cars lines that serve the residential areas of the city and the BART line are below street level at this point.  We are above the north end of the Embarcadero Station.


On Market Street San Francisco


A street level view.  This street, as with all the streets in the financial district, are much more crowded with pedestrians on a work day.  I remember the years I spent working in this area of downtown.  I think the Federal Reserve, for the 12th district, is in the building at the far left of the photo in the foreground.


On Market Street San Francisco


Earlier, Lucy posed for this snapshot.


Lucy at bay


It seemed a little warmer when we were further away from the cool waters of the bay.


plaza with Lucy


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