Ensenada street scene

A colorful store front in Ensenada, Baja California del Norte, Mexico.  From the Spanish, this is a store for curios or curiosities, in other words a tourist souvenir shop.


Ensenada tourist shop



In this next image, we see our blog’s primary photographer on a street in sunny Ensenada at midday on 20 October 2014.  She appears to be looking in a southerly direction.  Lucy is on a short cruise this week and is sending in photos almost in real time.


Ensenada street scene


My memories of Ensenada are from the 1970s when I did my first year of college at San Diego State (before transferring to a major mid Atlantic university).  You see the drinking age in Mexico at that time was 18 – not 21 as it is in California.  (Either the drinking age was 18, or the local bar tenders in Mexico did not care to enforce a drinking age of 21.)  Thus, some of us young college guys would drive down to Ensenada (somewhat close to 100 miles from our college campus) to visit the famous Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada.  It would have been easier just to go to Tijuana which is just over the border and so much closer to San Diego.  But, Tijuana, sorry to say, is not the most beautiful city nor the safest urban environment in the world.

We only saw Ensenada at night.  And, our only purpose in going there was to drink the hard liquor served in Hussong’s.  Here in the western US, you can, perhaps a time or two in say 5 years, see the rare car that sports a bumper sticker telling the world that the driver has been to Hussong’s in Ensenada.  It is surprising, as I look back on these couple of trips I made to Ensenada, that we were not pulled over for drunk driving when we got back to the US.  (My friends drove, but as a passenger I was clearly over the blood alcohol limit.)  I would not recommend driving in the dark a long distance while you are over the legal limit for alcohol in your bloodstream.  Alas, the errors in judgement that the young make.  (The highway between Tijuana and Ensenada at that time had almost no street lamps along it.  It was very dark on that road.)

On one return drive, my friend, Curt, who was driving, made a wrong turn and we found ourselves in the early morning hours of a Sunday driving through Tijuana.  We needed to get back on the correct road for returning to the US and thence on to our residence hall on campus (and safety).  At one point, Curt stopped at a deserted intersection and asked me: “Lar, can you make a right turn on red in Mexico?”  Cannot remember my response.  But, he did make that right turn and soon after we were on the road to the border entry check point.  The US border guard asked us some routine questions (he could see we were returning while intoxicated) and then let us proceed into the country and we made it all the way back in one piece.

The pictures above brought back these memories.

copyright 2014 – larrysmusings.com

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