sexual harassment – guilty until proven innocent

If a woman is sexually harassed or raped, why does she not come forward about it at the time?

We now hear of Bill Cosby, the television actor and public figure, being accused of sexual harassment and even of rape many years, even decades, after the alleged actions are said to have taken place.


Why now do we hear of these charges?  If Mr. Cosby raped and/or sexually harassed various young women in the 1980s, why were these crimes not reported at the time?

Have all these women felt powerless to come forward until now?!  Or, were their personal ambitions and career aspirations more important to them at the time than pursuing criminal charges against Bill Cosby – if he had sexually assaulted them?

(We have seen this piling on before as several women come forward in quick succession years after the fact to accuse a man of sexual harassment and even rape.  In some instances, women are trotted out to perform character assassinations of men who are not well liked in some circles.)

The dictates of political correctness require a presumption that the woman accuser is always telling the truth and the accused man is always guilty.

We reject this.  (And, no, we are not trivializing the crime of rape when it occurs.)

Given the delays of years in coming forward, one cannot help wondering what exactly did happen at the time in these cases.

Here is another case.  The quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger, was accused of rape a few years back. This was in the news. The odd thing was that there were people who claimed that his accuser (the alleged rape victim) had boasted or bragged of having seduced him before she bothered to claim that she had been raped by him.

As well, Kobe Bryant, of NBA fame, had been charged with sexual assault some years back, and his accuser subsequently declined to testify.  It’s hard to get to the truth in some of these cases.

We are in an age of equality.  Thus, we can no longer make excuses for women, we can no longer coddle women.  There are women who have filed false charges against men in the past alleging rape where rape did not occur.

I have worked in office environments where I have seen men sexually harassed by women supervisors and by women co-workers.  Needless to say, these women were not happy, well-adjusted individuals.  And, yes, there is indeed a double standard in many workplaces such that men will not even bother to complain as they know they will not be taken seriously.

When I hear of allegations of sexual harassment from many years past, my reaction is to presume the accused male is not guilty, and to wonder why the female accuser is belatedly coming forward now.

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