the abortion breast cancer link

Why are women not being told of this?

Some times real world consequences are taken more seriously than moral concerns.

This link between aborting a first pregnancy and an increased risk of breast cancer later in life for the woman (or girl) who aborts has been known for some years now (since at least the mid to late 1990s).  Yet, abortion providers and those who refer women and teenage girls to abortion providers rarely inform their patients of this link.  As well, the American medical establishment fails to take this link seriously and remains silent about it.  The breast cancer research charities are interested in finding a cure and want your financial donations.  These organizations are not interested in prevention. (There is no money to be made in prevention.)


The abortion industry and its allies (in the medical establishment and in the news media) have made efforts to “debunk” this link.  But, consider that the abortion providers have a vested financial interest in keeping the abortion industry running.

What one must acknowledge is that the woman’s body changes during her pregnancy.  Her breasts are changing during pregnancy to be ready for breast feeding her baby after birth.  This is the biological reality – this is nature’s way.  (see the link to YouTube video below)

Do your own due diligence and inform yourself of the studies that support such a link.  Don’t take our words for it.  Make the effort to educate yourself.

We include links to websites and videos and articles to help you in your research.

Visit this site and navigate around its main page for various relevant articles. The data is mounting from around the world to support, to substantiate a link between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Here is a related article:

From the article:

If proponents of abortion rights are, indeed, proponents of “choice,” then how can they dispute that part of women having true “freedom” to make such a choice is fully informing them about abortion’s risks?


Now, for a skeptical woman’s article (very recent) that examines those who say there is a link, and those who deny such a link exists.

Here is another article in PDF format.  The interested reader will need to scroll down a few screens to get to the relevant data on breast cancer and abortion.

For those who prefer video discussions, click here for a brief discussion by a woman doctor and a man doctor:

Abortion is a very abrupt, very violent, and unnatural end (euphemistically called a “termination”) to a pregnancy.  It is not very surprising that it causes harm to the body and the health of the aborting mother.


our comments on abortion

We have our disagreements with various pro-life groups, some of which are largely ineffective in reducing the numbers of abortions performed, or alternatively, in encouraging (and helping) women in crisis pregnancies to choose life for their babies.  Most of us have had 10th grade biology. From that course we learned – if we did not already know it – that it takes 2 to make a baby.  A man and a woman.  There are pro-life groups that have consistently over the years made the case that abortion is all the man’s doing. These groups assert that abortion is largely, if not completely the fault of sexually irresponsible men.  Does this not contradict the fact that it takes 2 individuals to bring about a conception?  (Needless to say, where there is a lack of honesty and a lack of effectiveness, I am not interested in being associated with such groups.)  Making excuses for women’s behavior and simply blaming men where women are also involved is not honest nor helpful. Such an approach has failed (over the past 40 years) to persuade women who are pro-choice to reconsider their position.

When a young woman or teenaged girl goes into an abortion “clinic” for her abortion, it is the latest in a whole series of decisions and actions that have been to various degrees irresponsible on her part.  How so?  Further upstream, she made choices as to any combination of these:  to have sex out-of-wedlock (the largest single factor in most of the abortions performed in the US each year), possibly to have sex promiscuously (which also increases her risk of contracting any of the many sexually transmitted infections that are rampant in the US today), not to use effective contraception or not to use it consistently (Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the US, has stated before that these pregnancies ought not come as a surprise to these girls and young college coeds as half of their abortion patients were not using any contraception at all while being “sexually active”.)  As a society, in our families, we need to do a better job of raising our sons and daughters in this area of personal responsibility, self-control, and saving sexual intimacy for marriage (and not cheapening it by promiscuous pre-marital sex).


Here are words that we thought of a few years back and these are apropos.

When will abortion come to an end?

Abortion won’t end until women – en masse – reject it.

When will women reject abortion?


abortion related resources

If you are pro-choice, as a slight majority of women in the US are, then consider what exactly you are in favor of.  Pro-abortion men need to think about this, too.  There are groups that take abortion out of the abstract (the high-sounding talk of women’s rights) and show the harsh reality of what exactly happens in an abortion.  Yes, it is ugly.  The harsh reality is very disturbing.  When people actually see what happens in an abortion, some of them become viscerally ill.  We do not exaggerate here.  It is also very disturbing that abortion is now so accepted as part of the American culture and way of life that it is, sorry to say, here to stay.  But, we can work to reduce the prevalence of this callous and violent act.

In this 4 minute video clip, you can see the reactions of people who watch a short film showing what happens in an abortion.  (There are no graphic images in this clip for you, the YouTube viewer.  The graphic footage is not on screen.)  Note the reactions, the facial expressions of some of these individuals in a newsroom.

A student changes his mind about abortion here:

Whatever position you choose to take on this, or on any other serious issue, do not take your position while in a state of ignorance or denial.

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