chemtrails are real

There was a plane making a chemtrail pattern in the sky this morning. Coming out of my garage at 11:00 a.m. this morning, I saw a plane high in the sky emitting a chemtrail.  Not a contrail.  These lines made across the blue northern sky were not dissipating or diffusing as contrails do.  There were several such lines across the sky to the west and to the east of our home’s location north of Reno, Nevada.  We have seen these lines in the past, but rarely have we seen the plane actually making them.


My wife was out and therefore I could not borrow her I-phone camera to take a few images of these chemtrails in the sky.

When you hear reports of chemtrails, do not be so quick to dismiss them.  I have seen them and know that these are real.

In the United States, the air space is under the control of the US government through its civilian (FAA) and its military departments (the air force).  Thus, these chemtrails in the sky above us are being made with the government’s sanction and complicity.

Why does the government do this?

From what others have opined, this may be an attempt to alter the local weather or the climate to a certain degree.

It is likely better that we not try to tamper with the weather and the climate.

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