the Queen Mary – a photo tour

We now share photos taken on 21 October 2014 during a tour of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.





Here is an image of Long Beach harbor on a smoggy, hazy day.


Long Beach


Our blog’s photographer with cruise ship in background.  Long Beach was one of the stops on her cruise.


Lucy in Long Beach 2


Walking to the ship.


entering the Queen Mary


Let’s go inside this historic ship before going outside and up on deck.

A sign on the tour.


Queen Mary tour


We will now view some images from the ship’s bridge.


Queen Mary tour 2


This image looks to be outside the bridge area.


Queen Mary tour 3


Wheels for steering the ship.


Queen Mary tour 5


Another view inside the bridge.


Queen Mary tour 6


Old style gauges.


old gauges


Old radio equipment for communications – ship to ship and ship to shore.


old time radio equipment


On board telephones.


old time telephone equipment


Telephone switchboard.




Let’s go up on deck.  Here we see one of the massive smoke stacks from below.


smoke stack


This next image gives a little perspective as to the size of the smoke stacks.


large smoke stack


Another view of the ship.


Queen Mary


The front mast of the ship.




Another view of the front mast area.


mast 2


An official Queen Mary trash bin out on deck.


Queen Mary on deck


Looks like a British style phone booth.


Lucy in old phone booth


More things to be seen on deck.


on deck


Last view of the deck area.


Lucy on deck


A view of the ship from a distance.  We see the stern of the vessel.


Queen Mary from distance


A little closer now, and we can read Queen Mary Liverpool.


Queen Mary from distance 2


A view down to the nearby dockside.

Queen Mary tour 4


Apparently, the late Princess Diana was being celebrated.


Princess Diana


Here is the entrance to the exhibition.


Queen Mary tour 7


It is puzzling that this mannequin is without a head.  The dress is on display.


Queen Mary tour 8


Our final image was taken mid morning – shortly before touring the ship. Cranes at the port are seen in the distance.


Lucy in Long Beach


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