the Bourbon Square Casino

This afternoon we enjoyed a little time at the Bourbon Square Casino in Sparks, Nevada.  For those unfamiliar with northern Nevada, Sparks is adjacent to Reno (and it is difficult at points to tell where one city ends and the other begins).  Prior to the Great Recession, this building housed the Silver Club Casino.  But after more than four years of being shuttered, this establishment came to life again in mid 2013 as the Bourbon Square Casino. The new casino is a slot machine casino with no table games that we could see.  When this was the Silver Club, there were some black jack tables for patrons to try their luck at.

This small casino is frequented by locals more so than by tourists from California.  It is located on Victorian Avenue very close to the Pyramid Highway exit from Interstate 80.

We now share some photos taken of and at the Bourbon Square Casino on 18 December 2014.


Bourbon Square Casino



The building from a distance.


Bourbon Square Casino


A major local landmark and large casino and hotel complex, The Nugget, is across the way.  Here we see its 2 towers.


Nugget in distance


This next image contains my wife, Lucy, and the shadow cast by my body as I took this shot.


Lucy in afternoon sun


Taking pictures just prior to entering the building.


Bourbon Square Casino


Another image.


Bourbon Square Casino


A casino is not complete without a bar.


B Street Bar


Time for a late lunch.


B Street Market


Inside, while eating our spaghetti and meatballs.  Being past lunch hour, we had the place to ourselves.


eating area


A sample of the wall art in the eating area.  There was also a Christmas tree, but regrettably that pic did not turn out well.


wall art


A gambler getting information.


getting change


Not sure what this signified, but I shot it anyway.


wall sign


Now, for some pics of slot machines.


slot machine 18


Does Fort Knox still have any gold in it?  I doubt it.


Fort Knox


Here is an interesting motif for a slot machine.


Chinese Zodiac slot machine


Another slot machine.


slot machine 9


Nice eyes here.


slot machine 10


Another machine.


slot machine 15


Another slot machine.


slot machine 16


A wheel of fortune motif.


slot machine 17


This machine was a winner for us.


slot machine 13


A happy gambler.


slot machine 12


Another view of the machine.


slot machine 2


Coming to a winning play.


slot machine 11


Unexpected things happen on the screen when you win.


slot machine 6


The machine itself executed the 8 free spins and some of these were winners adding to the accumulated winnings.


slot machine 3


Lucky us!  We managed to win enough for lunch sans the cup of coffee.  We were out-of-pocket the cost of a cup of coffee.

Leaving the building, we took a couple of final pics.  Inner doors (seen through these outer doors) are in from the street and allow for a transition zone.  Winters are cold and summers are hot in northern Nevada.


outside of building


Brickwork on base of building.


outside of building 2


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