cloudy skies

Here are some pictures of cloudy skies in northern Nevada.  Taken on 20 December 2014, these cloudy skies are typical of what we see during the late autumn and throughout the winter and even into the spring.

Driving towards the highway in mid afternoon looking east.  Shot through the car windshield, one can see the distortion in this image from the top of the windshield with its tinted dark blue color.


clouds 6



A couple of minutes earlier, driving west on the street where we live.


clouds 8


On the highway (Nevada State Route 445), driving south.


clouds 3


More clouds.




An impressive view here if one likes cloudy skies.


clouds 4


On such cloudy days, there can be times when it is very dark and then later, as the clouds move across the sky, the sun may break through for a while and it can be very bright.


clouds 9


These images were all taken in a relatively short time as we drove the several miles into town.  Yes, some of our state highways have traffic lights to stop at. The sun is low in the mid afternoon southern sky.


clouds 7


This image was taken once the car was at a complete stop.


clouds 5


Our photographer, riding as the passenger, took these photos as she likes the cloud formations.  Now, in Sparks, we see this view above the grounds of a local church.


clouds 2


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