pictures of holiday meals

We now share some pictures of holiday meals over Christmas time.

On Christmas Eve, in the evening, we have this delicious board of tempting morsels at a family gathering.


food items



Hard boiled eggs with toppings.




Noodles mixed with small tomatoes and perhaps small chunks of meat.












Here we see a salad with various items added.








Prime rib.


prime rib


Next, we have this amalgam or collage of various Asian dishes or items.




What do you do for evening dinner on Christmas day (evening)?  After all the effort the day before, you seek out local restaurants in your area.  But, you find these are all very crowded with long wait times to be seated.  You ask at one Asian restaurant if you can order carry out items without any delay.  Yes, you can, and you get away rather quickly with some warm food and drive home and enjoy a meal.

Here are 3 images of what was enjoyed for dinner on Christmas.

First, we have salted pork spare ribs and clams.


salted pork spareribes and clams


Next we see deep-fried pumpkin and some greens.


deep fried pumpkin and greens


Thin noodles and an order of rice.  For many Asian folks, a meal does not feel complete without rice.


noodles and rice


We will see you in the new year and then we will tackle other topics.

Happy New Year.  (Happy solar new year that is.  The lunar new year is not yet upon us.)

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