a house cat for Lucy

On 31 December 2014, Lucy adopted a cat from the SPCA.

Here are some pics of her new cat.


a cat for Lucy



At the SPCA, being introduced to each other.  Not just humans, animals also have a tough time in this world.


cat for Lucy


In transit.


a house cat for Lucy


They recommended keeping the cat in a small area for a while as he had been confined to a cage or pen at the SPCA for some time.  By the next day, he was free to roam through part of the house.


cat 3


He is very affectionate with Lucy.  I think this will work out well (although he is a little hyper-active, but that is to be expected from a young cat).  Here he is in his new environment.


cat 2


Ever alert when Lucy is at home.


cat 6


After finally calming him down, Lucy was able to take this picture of him resting on or near her lap.


cat 9


Time for a quick meal.  Perhaps we should move the litter box further away from his food and water.


cat 7


Another view.


cat 8


Later, eating again.  The cat gets an alternating diet of wet canned food and then dry food.


a house cat for Lucy


copyright 2015 – larrysmusings.com


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