more violence in Europe by Muslims

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, there were more murders in Europe this past week committed by violent Muslims.

We condemn these heinous acts that are committed against Jews, Christians, and even against atheists.

In an earlier essay, we questioned why Europeans had been allowing immigration into their countries from Muslim lands. Muslims do not come to Europe to assimilate and adopt European culture and mores.  Islam is antithetical to Western values, even post Christian Western values.  It appears that the former colonial powers, Britain and France, are in the process of slowly being colonized or conquered by Muslims.  As well, there has been violence by Muslims in Scandinavian countries, and in Germany.


Leftist, socialist approaches, as in so many other areas, have proven ineffective in containing and preventing the ongoing violence by Muslims in various European countries (including the daily rapes of European women committed by Muslim youths and young adult males).  More practical approaches are necessary and could be implemented if Europeans could overcome their socialist, politically correct, group think.  (But, can they overcome this dangerous group think?!)

Europeans could, if they had the political will to do so, stop immigration from Muslim countries.  Alas, even if they stopped such immigration in the near future, there are sizeable Muslim populations now in France, Germany and England.  But, Europeans must have this debate.  Additionally, we hear of Europeans converting to Islam and being “radicalized”.

As an American, I do not think like a European.  It strikes me as true that, as they say, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy (or good woman) with a gun.”  European countries have strict gun control laws. But, such laws did not stop or prevent these atrocities.  When the law-abiding citizenry is barred from owning firearms, criminals have a happy hunting ground.  Wake up Europeans!  You cannot prevent the operation of an illegal “black market” in guns.  Thus, violent criminals can and do get guns.

An armed citizenry can help to reduce these incidents of murder.  What the news media in the US, heavily biased as it is, will not report is that armed law-abiding citizens deter and prevent many crimes.  Consider that the police most times arrive on the scene after violent crimes have been committed.  Many homeowners, small business owners, and individuals (including women) with conceal and carry gun permits have deterred and prevented violent crimes by bringing into play their own guns – even when these have not been fired!

We all would like for the world to be a more loving, peaceful and harmonious place in which to live – well at least all decent people wish this – but the reality is that the world is very violent and there are many people who have hate in their hearts and act on the hate.

Europeans need to rethink their gun control laws if they are serious about combatting this ongoing violence.

Here is another essay in which we addressed these concerns.

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