pictures of a house cat

Simple photos of a house cat.

Our featured image is a gem.  Yoyo is a friendly, curious, well-behaved (for the most part) house cat.  He needs to be trained on some issues.  Recently, he had his first visit to the veterinarian.  She told us that he is no more than 8 months old.  The SPCA must have had incorrect information and had indicated he was a year old now.  So, perhaps, he will grow to be a little larger over the next few months.


cat face closeup



Here we see him on a large, towel covered pillow.


cat 16


Attentive to something here other than the photographer.


cat 15


His front claws were trimmed by the vet as these were quite long.  He likes to push his claws out now and again when he sits on a person’s lap.


cat 11


A simple cat that brings simple joy to his owner.


cat 12


Behaving well as he remains still for the picture.


cat 13


A closer view.


cat 14


There are times he has to be contained (confined) temporarily in his cat cage or container (such as when the doors are opened to air the first floor out for a short time).  He does not care to be so cramped and meows frequently.


Lucy's cat in cage


I am going to try to put a pet harness and leash on him and try taking him for a walk outside.  Being on a busy street, the cat will have to be on a leash for his safety.  This may or may not work, but I hope it does.  A fifteen minute walk a few times each week would be a good adventure for him and would burn off some of his youthful energy.

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