the asian art museum – part two

We begin with some examples of contemporary art that were on display in the section on Japan.

Here we see an abstract work possibly in ceramic.  Interesting shadow effect on the surface below it.






This next work is rather intriguing and puzzling.  A satire of the Sydney Opera house?


art contemporary


A cracked shell?  One’s life in ruins?  The world in chaos?  We would like to know how the artist achieved this effect.


art contemporary abstract


Abstract work here that is open to diverse interpretations.


art contemporary abstract 2


Cups and saucers.


pile of cups - contemporary art


Leaving the contemporary art behind, we see an interesting work of art here.


art suggestive


An ancient Japanese warrior.


art carving statue


Could this carved or sculpted piece of crystal be a bull?


carved crystal animal


This could be a small tea-pot.  Alternatively, this item could be a bottle with a side spout for pouring out its liquid contents.




This appears to be a jar of some kind.


jar carved


A metal artifact.


unknown metal work


Disks of various sizes.  Failing to read what these were used for, I cannot say anything.




Sundry artifacts behind the glass in this image.




Axes or hatchets, and swords shown here.




A rattle with a lady at table, from China.


scribe and rattle


Not sure what this next item is.  An incense burner?


incense burner


A cow in relief in this sculpture from India.




This is (was) a drum, from India.




Let’s finish this installment of our picture essay with some photos that give a reader an idea of the size of the museum.  Here we see a wide staircase flanked by columns or pillars.  (We took the moving stairs or escalators between floors.)  There was a 4th floor but that was not open to the public and may have housed offices and/or store rooms.


Lucy on staircase


This was an exhibition room for temporary exhibits that was vacant at the time.


Lucy in exhibition hall


The glass door in the distance takes you to artifacts in glass cases along the windows on either side of the staircase.  We will see some of these items in our next and final installment of this multi part photo essay.


Lucy in exhibition hall 3


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