the asian art museum – part three

Did we save the best for last?  You be the judge.

We now conclude our 3 part essay of photos we took while visiting the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Here is a striking image of a human head from early China.


frightening head from China



Here is a slightly different view.


frightening head - carved or sculpted, from China


A carving of a human figure from Southeast Asia.


carving from southeast Asia


Art from Thailand.


Thai art


Another work from Thailand.


Thai art 2


A stupa in gold leaf or brass?




A multi level tower.




This is a brightly colored vas or jar.


turqoise color vase


Another example.


red vase or jar


Jar and bowl.


jar and bowl


Jars in jade.




Another work in jade.


jade work


Various ceramic works.




Here is an artistic jar with a river scene.


artistic jar with river scene


A Ming style jar.


Ming style vase 2


Another example.


Ming style vase with dragon


Not sure what this next item is.  A rectangular jar of some kind?


tower ceramic


Here is a jar or pitcher with Chinese characters on it.


pitcher or vas with characters


In the section on India, we have these remaining pictures.


Indian art


Intricate sculpting in this work.


Indian art 2


Another work.


Indian art 3


A final image.


sculpture intricate south Asia


Next, we move on to thematic or “issues” essays on other topics.  Stay tuned.

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