only 2 settings for the cat: at rest and in hyper mode

There appear to be only 2 speeds for our young house cat.  At rest, he is calm and mostly still and lets us pet him, or he cleans and grooms himself with his tongue and fore paw, or he takes a nap.  But, after a while, the energy he has inside presses to find an outlet.  Then, he switches into hyper or over drive mode – running and jumping and climbing for long periods of time.  It seems that only sheer exhaustion can take him back down to the at rest setting.

Lucy refers to him as the “little rascal”.  He looks innocent here, but he is very mischievous at times.  The cat is sitting in an old stand for a house plant.


a little rascal



The cat likes to sleep on the couch in the living room.  Here he has emerged from beneath Lucy’s robe and posed for this picture. He will also sit on the arm of the couch and watch the colors changing on the television across the room.  Before or after a nap, he may yawn and when he does his upper and lower fangs are quite visible – like a tiger’s mouth in miniature.


Yoyo at rest


Always curious and investigating, he was caught in this pose recently.  A word of explanation about this image.  Yoyo got up on to the window sill at night. Thus, this image is riddled with not only some visual input from outside the house (the rear deck area and adjoining neighbor’s house) but also with reflections from the interior of the house.


Yoyo innocent


Yoyo is such a tease and a character, too.  He is being coy in this shot.  When he switches on, and the kinetic energy takes over, he cannot remain still for a picture.  There are times when he is active for literally hours.


Yoyo mysterious


Why does she point this thing (the camera) at me?  What does it mean?


Yoyo pondering


Next, we have a hard-hitting essay on one aspect of marriage.

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