cat on back deck

Our cat is growing and gaining weight.  Here we see him on the back deck above the yard.


Yoyo on the back deck



It is a simple pleasure being outside with a cup of tea and watching the cat explore a little of the back yard area.

We could not refuse him the opportunity to go outside as he frequently looks through the glass door and sees the outside world.  He appears to have very good eye sight.  From inside the house and looking up through the glass door, he saw a small bird perching on the roof of the neighbor’s house at a distance from his eyes of about 20 to 25 feet.  How did we know he saw the small bird? His reaction told us.  His mouth was making sounds as though he wanted to go into attack mode and it was clear he was a bit agitated.

This morning, Sunday, we had Yoyo vaccinated against rabies.  Living close to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, this vaccination was a good idea.  There are skunks and possibly raccoons in the park.  Infected skunks (and infected raccoons, foxes, and bats) are the vector for rabies to cats and to humans.  (I am currently splitting my time between northern Nevada and San Francisco these days.)

Fortunately, cats do not get tetanus, at least it is very rare for them to get infected by it.  This may be due to their frequent and thorough cleaning of any wounds they get with their tongue.  That is good news for house cats who go outdoors.

When you interact with a cat, you realize that these small animals do have a level of consciousness.  They are not just raw instinct.  For those who accept evolution of species and also choose to deny God’s existence, how does consciousness come into being?

This young cat has really had an effect on me.  He is a good cat albeit a little feisty and aggressive at times.

When he runs to me and jumps up and paws at me and then quickly runs away, he is saying “Come play with me.”  Cats are nocturnal, more active at night, because in the wild the creatures they prey upon to survive are active during the night.

Last Wednesday afternoon, after typing up our previous post, I had him come out with me on to the rear deck and down into the yard for half an hour.  I had pretty much ignored him for a couple of hours, and realizing I was not going to play with him, he had taken a nap.  It was a breezy day, but not too cold. Yoyo enjoyed his explorations and my being there with him.

Here is a helpful short article for cat owners.  Yoyo engages in this behavior with me frequently, but then I am petting and stroking him frequently.  He is careful not to break the skin thus far.

Cats are often misunderstood by humans and that is unfortunate.  They are intelligent animals.

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