We now share some recent images of our house cat, Yoyo.  He is such a beautiful little creature, and he is intelligent and relatively affectionate for a house cat.  We try to spend at least some time with him each day.


Yoyo says Hi



Here we see him curled up in his little bed taking a nap.  We recently bought a larger pet bed for him but he is still attached to this little bed.


Yoyo asleep


Awake for this photo.


Yoyo alert


After my initially taking him on to the rear deck, Lucy now goes out with him from time to time.  He seems to be a little more cautious, a little slower to explore, with Lucy than with me.


Yoyo on deck 4


Looking around.


curious Yoyo


This next pic was taken on an earlier day.  He hesitates to go down the staircase to the ground level.


Yoyo on deck


Now, even with more experience, still slow to explore.  Perhaps, this is due to Lucy being more strict with the cat than I am.


Yoyo on deck 3


Gazing out into the backyard.  He is more confident in the house and gets into things inside.  No doubt, in time, he will become more comfortable on his excursions outdoors.


Curious Yoyo


When I have some time, I will clean up the back yard so that the cat will not be at risk of cutting his paws as he ventures out into the tall clover and bushes.  Then we can let him expand his explorations.

We love this cat.  I have thought about the “what if” of adopting him.  What if Lucy had gone to the SPCA a week earlier or a week later?  Would he have been available for adoption at that time?  Or, would Lucy have chosen another cat available at another time instead of choosing little Yoyo?  I am glad she brought home this little rascal.

We say again: Cats are often misunderstood by humans and that is unfortunate.  They are intelligent animals.

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