the Divine musician and transcendental sound

O Divine musician playing on the strings of my soul – one day, I will answer your call with my spirit and leave the body to crumble to dust.  Others have answered your call before me.  Others will answer your call after me.  Why should I fear?

Life is not complete without the return.


colors refracted



There is a power in sound, in music.  Various chords, sound vibrations, and harmonies touch the soul and awaken love and bliss.  Certain musical compositions touch and lift my soul, filling it with intense emotion – sound so sweet it brings tears of joy to my eyes.  Even while my body is in pain, my spirit can find joy.  One may awake to the reality that we are not our physical bodies, but something much more.

We do not glorify death.  We do not glorify suffering.  We were created for better than these.  We glorify and honor life, love and the Source of all life, love and consciousness.  Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Has not the artistic impulse in man (& woman) in all cultures always been about man’s innate longing to return to the Source of all bliss, love and beauty? Or, at least to connect to the Source, or point to it in some small way?

O Divine musician, blue super giant stars, even whole galaxies are like particles of dust at your feet.  But, nothing is below or outside of your awareness with your universal consciousness, your infinite mystic power.

What of the journey, the “ultimate trip” we call death?  Love will protect me from attacking demons on the way.  Love will be my armor on my journey back to the eternal womb.  After I am gone, other spirits will delight to the same beautiful, timeless music and transcendental sounds that stirred my soul from its slumber.

Atheists ought to try chanting the holy names of God, the Maha Mantra for several months.  The transcendental sound vibrations will awaken even their hardened, comatose like souls to a love of and for God.  Then their mental “head games” will be seen as unnecessary obstacles on the path.  Some effort is required, yes, but the reward is there for those who seek it.

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