our tuxedo cat and feline miscellany

Yoyo, our house cat, appears physically attractive because of the contrast of the black and white fur in his coat.  If he was either all black or all white (as a few cats are), he would not be as pleasing to the eye.  The contrast of the black with the white makes him look good.

Here we see him in the tall grass of the back yard this morning.  Bad cat, later he ventured into a neighbors’s yard before coming back into our yard.


Yoyo in the yard




Our cat was in the custody of some of Lucy’s family while she was travelling recently and I was not in San Francisco to take care of him.  These next several images are from the relatives’ home.


Yoyo cute 2


A people friendly cat, he enjoys the attention he receives.


Yoyo in arms 4


Resting in someone’s lap.


Yoyo in lap


Stretched out on the carpet.


Yoyo on carpet 4


A closer view.


Yoyo on carpet 3


This image appears to have been reversed in its orientation during processing, but looks good so we present it here.


Yoyo on carpet


Our final 2 images are from our kitchen in his usual surroundings.  He frequently makes his way to the kitchen counters, at times making it difficult for us to prepare food or to clean up after a meal.


Yoyo in kitchen


A nice image here of our “tuxedo” cat.  He is in front of a rice cooker (steamer) and a microwave oven.


Yoyo on counter


feline miscellany

1. While travelling in the Boise, Idaho area in 1999, we saw that there was a road called “Black Cat Road” in the town west of Boise called Meridian.  It was a semi rural town with houses on larger parcels of land. (There were 5 acre lots and larger parcels.)  Now, that would have been an interesting address to have for receiving your mail.  John and Jane Doe, 123 Black Cat Road, Meridian, Idaho 83642.

2. During my last semester at university while an undergraduate, there was a Christian preacher preaching in the plaza in front of the undergraduate library. He was not much older than us undergrads.  At noon, each week day, he would begin his preaching.  On my way to and from my classes, I would pass by this area on most days.  After he had been talking for a while, a circle of listeners would form around him.  I took the time to sit down and listen to him a few times.

This young man would take questions from his audience and there would be lively debate at times.  One day, a young woman student was challenging the preacher’s Christian beliefs and giving evidence of her non-belief in Christianity.  After some back and forth, the specifics of which I have long since forgotten, the preacher asked her what she believed in.  Her reply, I do remember and will likely never forget.  She used a word none of us had ever heard before and may have been from another language, perhaps from ancient Egypt.  The preacher asked “What is that?”  Her reply was: “The worship of cats.”  After a stunned silence of a second or two, many in the crowd began to laugh.  Yet she was in earnest about this.

3. From my readings (years back) in Hinduism, there was a story of a man who meditated in the forest seeking enlightenment.  He befriended an orphaned deer in his last days.  He cared for the deer.  When death came, his last conscious thought was of  concern for the deer.  He was reincarnated as a deer in his next lifetime.  Later, he lived again in the human form and did achieve release from the cycle of rebirth.

The moral of the story is that one’s last conscious thought determines one’s next birth; those with worldly thoughts and attachments return to this world.

This story came to my mind recently while considering how intelligent some animals appear to be.  Our young house cat’s strong curiosity and persistence when he wants to do something strike me as remarkable, perhaps even extra- ordinary.  Could some of these house cats that we humans keep as pets be former humans?  Perhaps, former cat owners whose last conscious thought was of their pet cats?  I admit this is an idea that is difficult for Westerners to accept.  I do not really buy into it either (that of humans coming back as animals or insects).  But, it would explain how some animals give evidence of being so smart.  There are those writers who say that humans do not take animal forms and that animals have a different evolution (of consciousness) path than humans do.

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