USA 2015: social unrest and destructive violence

Baltimore burning and violence and vandalism occurred in many cities across the nation as we left April and entered May this year.

While in the Bay Area this past weekend, I saw on the local TV news that young people smashed the glass doors of businesses and smashed windshields at a new car dealership in Oakland on Friday night.  (One car was set on fire.) It appears that while the police were busy at a protest over the death of Freddie Gray, elsewhere in the city young people went on a rampage.  The few arrested were young white males that may not even live in Oakland.


This is nothing new.  Violent malcontents will go out and assault people and damage property if they believe they can get away with it.  Residents of the Bay Area have seen this many times in the past.  And, it happens in many large cities throughout the nation.

Whether businesses were burned and people were assaulted in Baltimore over outrage at the death in police custody of a young, black man, or because deranged malcontents and or miscreants opportunistically took advantage of a situation where police resources were stretched too thin, ultimately does not make a difference to those harmed or who suffered losses.

What bothers me is the senselessness of the violence.  How does burning down the local businesses in your community help address serious social and economic problems?  We are talking here about more than possible police brutality and alleged racial profiling.  Many of these destroyed businesses will not be reopening as some business owners will leave a violence prone community for a more secure area in which to locate a business.  Thus, unemployment in the inner cities will not get better as a result of the destructive actions of a relatively small number of angry individuals.

Real community leaders and community organizers would be out there on the streets imploring those that are angry to not do violence.  Protest, demonstrate – yes.  But destructive violence does not help the situation.

It seems to me that there must be more to this picture than what the news media is feeding to us.  Perhaps the anger in the black community is being fed by more than these widely publicized cases of black males dying at the hands of police officers or while in police custody.  (In Baltimore, 3 of the 6 police officers – now being charged with every charge that could be thrown at them – are black.  Thus we are hearing more about police brutality than about overt racism in this particular case.)

Could it just be that Obama’s failed economic policies have resulted in inner city blacks being more economically distressed today than in past decades?  I am begging the question here because those of the Left never let real world results convince them of the failure of their policies.  Many people, of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, are frustrated and in despair.  That is what happens when you have 6 years of phony “growth” in the economy.  What you and I do not hear of on the news is that most of these jobs being created each month are low paying, temporary or part-time jobs, some of which are taken by illegal aliens.  Net growth in good, full-time jobs is not happening.  Even millennials are now beginning to realize that Obama used them for their votes (twice) and could not care less about them or their future.

I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that I may be correct in expecting more violence across the country during the approaching summer.  With much anger arising from long-standing frustration, despair and hopelessness in many individuals, almost any thing could serve to set off or trigger a violent outburst of collective anger in many communities across the nation.

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