the lot of man

Man must confront death.

Man must endure suffering.

Man must resist temptation.

Man must accept everything on faith as regards the next life.

Man must accept (and endure) uncertainty (and risk) during this life.

Man must toil to keep body and soul together.



The above 6 points were written on a piece of paper years ago, and found in one of the many files of my personal thoughts.

The fourth point above deserves some additional words.  Spiritual experiences and a higher level of consciousness can be achieved if one makes the effort. (It is not easy.)  For those who have had such experiences, “faith” can evolve into a kind of “certitude” for them.

The lot of man, the human condition, is a difficult one.  There really is no denying nor sugar-coating that.  Reality is harsh.

Yet, we soldier on through life, hoping for the best and at times fearing the worst.  Life is not getting easier as I get older.  Yet, I will persevere each day. Hopefully, I will be able to help and encourage at least a few others along the way.

The present moment is all we have.  The journey continues one moment at a time.  Even during hard times, we can consciously choose to share a little kindness with others around us.  Helping someone else even while you are hurting shows a maturity, a strength of character that seems to be rather rare these days.

The journey, the process, is the key.  Let us not become obsessed with the destination or we will miss so much on the journey each day.

As to meaning, perhaps, love is what gives us meaning ultimately.  It seems to me that one of the purposes of human life, of higher consciousness, is to learn to love more deeply, more fully – to have genuine concern for others and for the constructive development of their potential.  Before the cruel hand of death touches us, we need to have learned to love.  (For the Christian: love God and love your neighbor.)

Who can say what else will turn up as we prepare to relocate in the coming weeks?  Perhaps more items that will serve as topics for future blog posts (when we have the time to type them up).

From the words of a song by Rush, Jacob’s Ladder, we have these lyrics:

Follow men’s eyes as they look to the skies
The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams…


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Our feature photo is of a sampling of some of the silk ties that I use to wear to the office.


silk ties 3


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