sundry images and thoughts

We now share some nice photos and a few thoughts of ours.

Selling a house, going through one’s accumulated “stuff”, packing and moving perhaps are really for the young.  It is a drain and a strain when one is in middle age doing all these things.  Yet, we will persevere through this process as there is no turning back on this voyage.  We have worked hard to keep many items out of a landfill.  We have recycled (car loads), donated to charities (car loads), given to relatives, and are trying to sell useable items that we no longer need nor want.

In this first pic, we see our cat when he was out on loan to relatives as we were busy shuttling between northern Nevada and San Francisco on the Memorial Day weekend.  He is inquisitive and attentive in this shot.  He also has acting ability and plays at being afraid and at being innocent even when he is naughty.


Yoyo attentive



What about cloudy and misty days?  Do these dark days make us more prone to introspection, to looking within?

In this next photo, we see a series of arches in China on a cloudy day.  (We may not be posting other pics from Lucy’s trip to China this past March until later this year as time allows.)

This is almost a timeless scene.  Really.  Similar architecture with trees and stone steps have likely been around parts of China since the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).  We can imagine a Taoist monk or priest coming down the steps.




This is one of the attractions in China, Guilin (pronounced Gwhy-lum). Natural limestone formations.  The lakes are remnants from a Tang Dynasty (618 to 906 AD) moat and waterway.


China 2


Now, more for cat lovers.  Yoyo likes to take naps on the couch under blankets.  When he is tired and stops running around, he enjoys being petted. But, this has to be on his timetable.


Yoyo asleep 2


Looking down upon us from up high.


Yoyo up high


Rosewood chairs that we are trying to sell.


rosewood chairs 3


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