tea bag wisdom 2


tea bag wisdom

One company is printing quotes on the paper tags attached to the string of its tea bags.  We share 2 of these with you now that we recently read with our morning green tea.



Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.   –   Lao Tzu (legendary founder of Taoism)

Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.   –   Unknown


Actually, these 2 quotes seem to go together well.  There is so much negativity in human relations and interactions.  Each of us must decide for himself/herself how much value to place on the approval and the acceptance of others.  There is a cost to being “popular”.  As Lao Tzu indicates, one can be a prisoner to the expectations of others.

Each of us has talents and abilities even if these are not understood nor appreciated by others.  If you are living a constructive, loving life and not harming others, do not care if you are not getting the approval of your peers, your parents, your neighbors, those in your church, etc.  Believe in yourself and do not let others screw with your mind.

Be free by believing in yourself and living a positive life.

My not so humble advice is to cultivate a few good, strong, mutually supportive friendships rather than seek to be widely popular.  With friendships, quality is superior to quantity.


sundry thought from an earlier essay

Ultimately, the only one who can look after your best interests is you.  If you don’t believe this, sooner or later, you likely will. Your experiences will prove this to you.

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Our feature image is of our pet house cat.  He gives frequent evidence of possessing an impressive level of consciousness for an animal.


Yoyo on deck


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