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Greetings to readers across many time zones.

more tea bag wisdom

Today, we share a few more sayings or quotes from the tea bags we are currently using.  (One company is printing quotes on the paper tags attached to the string of its tea bags.)



If you haven’t forgiven yourself something, how can you forgive others?   –   Dolores Huerta

Yes, we need to learn to forgive ourselves even for the stupid mistakes, the ones that could have been easily avoided.  Learn from these and then try to let go of the pain and the attachment to the regret for these mistakes and errors. Stop punishing yourself for what you cannot undo.  Make amends, make restitution.  Commit to not making the same mistake again and move on. Help others, through your advice and counsel, to avoid the seriously bad (major) mistakes you made.


The ones who say “You can’t” and “You won’t” are probably the ones scared that you will.   –   Unknown

That does seem to be true.  Do you have parents or friends that do not want to see you take any chances, or try anything new or even a little bit risky?  Often times, that is precisely how we grow – through new experiences, even painful ones.  As well, if you fail at one endeavor, you can try succeeding, getting a positive outcome in another (hopefully constructive) endeavor.  It is no sin to fail in an honest attempt at something ethical.  Ask the successful people, the risk takers, you know if they ever failed at something important to them.  If they say no, they are likely lying to you.

Basically, do not let the negativity of others convince you to start doubting yourself and your potential.  Imagine how many advances in all the different fields of endeavor (art, medicine, the sciences, etc.) that would not have come to be if those who gave us the advances had been deterred by the doubts of others.


The most courageous act is still to think for yourself.  Aloud.   –   Coco Chanel

Do not let peer pressure or the approval of others condition or skew your thinking.  (We touched on this in the previous tea bag wisdom essay last week.)  Follow your conscience.  Of course, have a well developed, mature conscience to follow.


One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you.   –   Unknown

With so many quotes credited to “Unknown” in the current batch of tea bags, I am beginning to wonder if some of these were made up by clerks at the tea company.  These do seem to be variations on the same theme.  (When you read glowing product testimonials online for various products, you begin to wonder the same thing.)


Our feature image is a winner.  This shot is of the rocks off shore at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Lucy captured this on a vacation in 2013.  The blue sky and the deep blue water contrast nicely with these rocks jutting up out of the sea.



rocks at water's edge in Cabo 2


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