death and pics from a cemetery service

Attending the cemetery service for my father the other day, gave me pause for some thoughts on death and on life.


funeral flag folding 3



It may be of benefit for us to periodically question our priorities in this life. Time is the scarcest resource for us mortals as it cannot be replaced.  When today is gone, it is gone for ever.  Thus, some honest introspection from time to time can profit us on our life journey.  We can choose to let go of that which does not serve us, does not help us.

As miserable as life can be – and is – at times, we can still strive to make the most out of it.  Value your loved ones, and do not take them for granted. Value each day as no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  (Reading the grave stones in any large cemetery gives one a reality check.  Many individuals die long before a “ripe” old age.)

When we have mastered living, will dying still hold such terror for us?

The reality is that life is not complete without death.  Death is the portal by which we can move from one ontological plane of being to another.


As my father was a Navy veteran, there were a couple of Navy men on hand to fold the flag that draped his casket and give it to his surviving spouse, my mother.  This process took a couple of minutes.


funeral flag folding 4


As the process continues:


funeral flag folding


Now finished.


funeral flag folding 2


We thank my wife, Lucy, for the photos she took at the service.

A rare picture of me with a cousin.




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