the zen of every day chores

Sweeping the patio.

Preparing a meal.

Cleaning the cat’s litter box.

Going to the grocery store.

Cutting the lawn.


One can practice the state of “no mind” when doing routine tasks that require very little concentration.  Chores that have been performed so many times these can be done without thinking of them.  One can then either be a spectator to the tasks one is performing or consciously choose to be in the moment and enjoy even mundane chores.  Be the broom that sweeps.  At times, sweeping out the garage or picking up the leaves in the autumn can be quite relaxing.

Living simply.

Ah, the taste of hot tea freshly steeped.

The present moment.

A bird calling overhead.



Our cat seems to live in the moment.  But, then he has no worries as we provide for all his needs including love and affection.


Yoyo up high 2a


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  1. Nice!

    When I used to be able to weld regularly, I found that it might be a place that led to satori…burned fingers actually improved the effect, because they forced me to bypass the pain and keep going.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, pain can intensify the moment with its immediacy and can be difficult to ignore. Yet, pain can be bypassed by the mind at times.

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