Hong Kong: some pictures

We now share some photos taken in early March, 2015 in Hong Kong.

Surreal, fantastic architecture shown in this first image of recently constructed office buildings.  One might imagine or envision these buildings coming to life as Transformers.


HK 14




Our photographer on holiday in Asia.


Lucy in Hong Kong


Inside one of the buildings.


HK 4


More colorful office buildings.


HK 12


Another view of some of these fantastic looking buildings.


HK 10


More of the skyline.


HK 13


Now, we move on to more traditional views of Hong Kong at or near street level.


HK 2


High density living.


HK 8


Another angle of the same street.


HK 6


An apartment block?



HK 5


Ongoing construction.


HK 11


Another street level scene.


HK 7


Flowering plants for sale.


HK 15


Our photographer, Lucy, enjoying the sight-seeing.


HK 17


Many markets at street level.




copyright 2015 – larrysmusings.com

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