the moral opacity of modern liberalism: a case study

Several days ago, a 32-year-old woman was shot dead in San Francisco by an illegal alien previously charged with felonies and deported multiple times. This individual had re-entered the country after committing crimes to commit more crimes.

The accused killer asserts this killing was not murder but an accident.  This is hard to believe.  We know guns can go off “accidentally”.  (I have handled guns since I was 12 years old after passing a gun safety course.)  But, was it – could it have been – an accident that this hand gun was pointed or directed by the accused at the body of the woman killed when it discharged?!



Here is the moral opacity of modern liberalism.  Too often, in too many instances, liberalism makes the villain, the victimizer, into a victim.  Despite high sounding words, liberals wantonly fail to consider the rights of the victims.  And, sorry to say, liberal policies create more victims.

(We should also point out that liberals rarely consider the societal and economic costs to their positions either.  They are focused on what they want today and care not for thoughts about the longer term.  But, a discussion along those lines is beyond the scope of this short essay.)

While the biased local news media in San Francisco rushed to portray this killing as a “tragic” accident and one station aired an interview with the accused from jail, no one hears of any sorrow or regret from leading liberal voices that this woman is dead at the hands of a person who, if we were a sane society, would either not be in the country or would be in prison and thus not in the position to shoot and kill a human being in public.

Perhaps this young woman was a liberal.  Does her life not matter to the caring liberals?

A sanctuary city (such as San Francisco) attracts illegal aliens, some of whom are violent criminals.

This case is yet another example of an illegal alien committing a violent crime who has been previously arrested and charged with felonies in other states. (We have heard of others (murders, rapes) in the past several years.)  We, as a nation, need to secure our borders even if that is unpalatable, distasteful, to enlightened liberals.

For those who cry for gun control after incidents like this one, today we hear on the news that the gun used in this fatal shooting was stolen from the car of a federal agent.  Liberals need to face the truth, the reality, for once on this issue of gun control. Violent criminals rarely get their guns through legal means and thus restricting law abiding citizens in their 2nd amendment rights does not stop or deter violent criminals.

You can search for relevant articles on this case on the Internet.  Here is just one I found quickly:


the seamless garment of liberalism today

To be a “good” liberal, one must endorse and advocate the whole liberal agenda.  It seems that there is less flexibility in the thinking of today’s liberals.  Less diversity of opinion is allowed among “tolerant” liberals.

You cannot just pick and choose, you must support all of these to be a good liberal:

abortion on demand, gay marriage, gender or radical feminism (as opposed to equity feminism), gun control, identity politics, illegal immigration, expansion of government power at all levels, redistribution of wealth and more government social programs, eco-fanaticism (that opposes even environmentally responsible development), and “multiculturalism”.

As well, you must support the conveyors of the liberal agenda regardless of how odious, loathsome and corrupt some of these individuals really are.

You must oppose:

the 2nd amendment, politically incorrect facts and speech, any symbols of religion or the mention of God in the public square, capital punishment for convicted capital murderers, secure national borders, and open, honest, fact based, objective national discussions on many of the important issues/challenges facing our nation.

The sad fact is that the fruits of so much of this liberalism or social engineering in the US have been very bitter.  It is hard to be optimistic about the future of the nation when the liberals (really radicals) are having their way on almost everything and are transforming the nation – but not for the better. We feel for the young who will have to deal with the mess that their parents and grandparents are leaving to them.

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