latest pics of our cat

We love this little creature.  He is affectionate and is in a loving home.


Yoyo napping



Another view of Yoyo snuggling close to Lucy.


Yoyo napping 2


Partly awake.


Yoyo napping 3


While we were away packing up the house in Nevada for moving, Yoyo was cared for by relatives.  He enjoys having his chest and tummy petted or rubbed in this position.  He has very soft fur.


Yoyo tummy rub 2 a


Sometimes he sleeps in this position.


Yoyo tummy rub a


On a bed posing for this photo.


Yoyo on bed


A more distant view.


Yoyo on bed 2


In his little pet bed.


Yoyo at rest


Against a mirror, we see 2 views of our cat.


Yoyo curious 2


Peacefully asleep.  The easiest time to take pics of him.


Yoyo asleep 2


Another view.


Yoyo asleep


One more of him napping.


Yoyo asleep 3


Earlier, before he was taken to the relatives’ home, we see him resting on the couch.


a pic of Yoyo. 2


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