the appeal of Donald Trump

As to the appeal of Donald Trump, perhaps many people are tired of, even exasperated with the corrupt, craven, career politicians.  Someone from outside politics appears novel and refreshing to some voters.  As well, for many it is encouraging to see a candidate stand up to those in the media.  Why should we let the journalists be moral arbiters on every issue?!  Why should they get to frame the debate?  Many of these media personalities have given plenty of evidence of both an inability to be objective on many topics and a woeful ignorance of many inconvenient, politically incorrect facts.

Let the American people discuss and debate the key challenges confronting the nation without the media shaping, directing and limiting the debate. (These challenges were not effectively addressed by the failed policies of Obama.)  If Donald Trump gets these issues on to the front pages and on the television and radio, I say “Keep it up, Donald.”

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  1. Absolutely. I don’t know if I can vote for “The Donald” but I love listening to him answer questions without worrying about the words he uses, or how the words will be interpreted. He’s a breath of fresh air is a polluted sky.

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