sundry images in a late summer heat wave

We are experiencing a late summer heat wave here in San Francisco.  We present these images taken from one of the back windows of the house in the early afternoon.  Urban or city living with high population densities.


19th Avenue 5



Another view looking more to the southwest.


19th Avenue 4


Aiming the camera more towards the ground in this shot.


19th Avenue 6


One of the trees in the backyard appears in the foreground with the neighboring houses further away.  Late last night, in this darkened room with the windows open to let in the cooling night air, I gazed out at the nearby houses.  Many windows had lights on.  One could hear people talking and sometimes laughing.  These were peaceful moments while our cat lay on a chair in the dark (enjoying the new, less cluttered aspect of this room).


19th Avenue


Looking more to the northwest, we can see in the far distance the hills of Marin County north of the city.  Our neighborhood is in the western part of the city somewhat more than 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


19th Avenue 2


Why no pictures from the front of the house?  We live on what is likely the most heavily trafficked street in San Francisco.  Would concrete, many automobiles (and buses and trucks), and six lanes of 2 way traffic interest you?

Working feverishly each day to prepare for moving my personal effects out of storage and into the house, we take a short break in the heat to take these pictures.  We recently had new carpet put into this small, top floor room that we think will eventually be a sitting room.


19th Avenue 8


Light and shadow in this image.


19th Avenue 9


This is what happens when one takes a picture while sitting in a chair.  The painting I had just hung up is actually level on the wall.  More light and shadow effect in this shot.


19th Avenue 7


No heavy philosophy here.  San Francisco has not changed in the years that I spent most of my time in Nevada.  The car I have to park out on the street suffered some vandalism last week.  That is life in the city.  It could be worse, but it might just be better.

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