concerning good men

Most of us have heard the saying that goes like this:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

But one may rightly wonder: if so-called “good” men (and women) do not do anything to resist or combat evil – are they truly “good”?!


Ignoring evil and apathy (or sloth) towards constructive action to combat evil are 2 very big reasons for the world today being in such a sorry (and apparently worsening) state.  No, we cannot change people by ourselves.  No person can change the world by him or herself.  But, we can as individuals take action to try to make the world better.  And, collectively, in the sense of the sum of our individual efforts, we can make a positive difference.

Perhaps the first step is to make a change within ourselves.  To stop thinking the world was created solely for us and to start caring more about and for others.  In other words, letting go of some of our narrow self centeredness or selfishness.

Just food for thought . . . and action.




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  1. Yes, I agree totally. I used to think people were “good” as long as they were “nice”. Then I realized that “nice” stands for “Neurotic, Insecure, Cowardly, and Effeminate.” NICE doesn’t cut it anymore. We need actors not onlookers.

    1. Thanks Stephen for the comment. Yes, simply not being bad is not necessarily so “good”. In other words, bear with me, the absence of sins of commission is not enough to truly being good. Sins of omission (failing to do the right thing, failing to help others) are also bad.

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