extra large Christmas tree ornaments

Blogger’s note:  Okay, long time readers will say “we saw similar pics a couple of years ago”.  Yes, but these are still nice images and are for the benefit of more recent subscribers.

extra large Christmas tree ornaments

We thought we would share these images with our readers.  These pictures were recently taken (late November, 2015) in the financial district of San Francisco.  (We doubt the city authorities would allow an out sized Nativity scene in a public place.)

In these pics, one can see reflections, shadows, and indications of sunlight. 


Christmas ornaments giant size in San Francisco



Were they expecting the delivery of a truly giant Christmas tree?

These ornaments are in the plaza at 101 California Street.  From a different angle, one can see the late autumn sun hitting the office towers across California Street.


Christmas ornaments giant size California Street


One last look.  Again, we see the interplay of reflections, shadows and some reflected sunlight.


101 California Street Christmas ornaments


Best wishes to all!

copyright 2015 – larrysmusings.com

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