residential architecture in the Sunset District – a photo essay

The following amateur photos are of a building with interesting architecture. It stands out from the other houses on the street and impresses me enough that I wanted to share these pics of it.

This multi unit building is located at 1640 Kirkham Street, a few blocks south of Golden Gate Park in what is known as the Sunset District in the western part of San Francisco near to the Pacific Ocean.


1640 K



Here we see the eastern portion of the building.  A beautiful, blue mid November sky is seen in this pic.  These shots were taken at about 12:30 in the afternoon looking north.


1640 K 3


The western section of the building.  Very few residential buildings have this style architecture in the city.


1640 K 4


Another view of the front facade of the building.


1640 K 5


We are looking up towards the courtyard in this next image.


1640 K 9


Closer in now.  Note the nice lamps on the stucco entry archway.


1640 K 14


Close up view here.


1640 K 11


The building appears to be in the shape of a “U” done in block letter style. Note the staircases to either side and an entryway to the back of the building.


1640 K 7


Another view with slightly different light as a cloud was passing near to the sun at one point of our photo taking.  As I was backing up to take one of these images, a resident came up the steps behind me.  So as not to appear to be engaging in suspicious activity, I said to him “Interesting architecture.”  He replied, “I think so.”  And, it is.


1640 K 8


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