cat pictures

Here are some recent pics of our pet cat, Yoyo.


Yoyo bundled up 2



Yoyo was cared for by relatives for several days when we were out of town.  He is generally patient with people he knows and lets them caress, pet and scratch his neck area.


z Yoyo scratch ears


Waiting for a chest and tummy rub.


z Yoyo half asleep


Lucy’s niece playing with Yoyo with a ball and string she put together for the cat.


z Yoyo at play 2


The cat and the green ball.


z Yoyo with green ball 3


Another pose.


z Yoyo with green ball 2


Looking at the camera.


z Yoyo with green ball


Yoyo caught in motion in this shot.


z Yoyo at play


Why so many pictures(?) he may be thinking.  You’ve seen me before.


z Yoyo on carpet


At sleep in his pet bed.  He likes this old small bed rather than a larger one we got for him.


z Yoyo asleep 2


Another nap at another time.


z Yoyo asleep


Previously at our home:  Yoyo often jumps right up on to the breakfast table.


Yoyo on table


The cat follows me around while I work on the house and watches what I am doing.


Yoyo on deck


Looking up for the camera.


Yoyo on deck 2


Possibly a little unsure of himself here.  Yoyo is quite an actor at times as he acts scared or tries to look innocent after getting into something he knows we don’t approve of.


Yoyo scared


After moving things from storage, the cat gets on to the bed before we have had a chance to make it up.


Yoyo latest


Another view.


Yoyo latest 2


Another view of Yoyo wrapped up in a blanket in the living room.


Yoyo bundled up


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