food and meals in Las Vegas


We spent a few days in Las Vegas last week.  Here are some pictures of the food we saw and/or ate while there.

Let’s start with dessert.  Here are colorful cupcakes.


dessert 3



At the buffets, one can choose from among cupcakes, cake, ice cream, various pies and assorted cookies.  Here we see some of the selection at the Spice Market buffet at Planet Hollywood (where on Wednesday, Dec 2, we saw some of the contestants for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant (to be held in Las Vegas later this month) eating at the buffet).


dessert 2


More desserts.




Even cotton candy.


cotton candy


Earlier in the week, we ate a restaurant with a tropical theme.  Here are the dinners we enjoyed.  Lucy likes the shrimp and rice seen here.


Las Vegas meal 2


I enjoyed the chicken dinner seen in this next image.


Las Vegas meal


Back at the buffet, many people ate the crab legs.  The great thing about many of these buffets are that these are often set up like a world’s fair where you can move from one regional cuisine to another and choose what you like.  I enjoyed the Middle Eastern dishes and the Italian dishes the most.  Alas, Lucy was taking the pictures of what she liked and not many of the things I selected were photographed.


crab legs


Another selection.


buffet food


Fish and chips.


fish and chips


Shrimp and noodles.


shrimp and noodles


More shrimp.




Cantaloupe and honeydew.




Looks like a meat dish.




Chinese broccoli?




Not sure what this next dish is, but it looks good.


Las Vegas meal 3


Rice and some seafood.






LV buffet


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