gun free zones do not work

The reality is that gun free zones are happy hunting grounds for those intent on committing mass murder.  Be they homicidal Muslim fanatics, criminal gang members, “lone wolves”, young adult males on anti-psychotic meds, a disgruntled co-worker or former employee who goes “postal”, etc., a gun free zone serves as an invitation, an enticement to them to commit their atrocities at such locations.  These mass killings in the US have occurred at schools, universities, shopping malls, movie theaters, military facilities, and various places of work over the years.  All of these were so-called gun free zones.


As the saying goes “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or good gal) with a gun”.  The police often arrive several minutes into a mass killing event and are often on the periphery of the ongoing action.  If more law abiding people were armed and had conceal carry gun permits, more innocent lives would be saved.  (Despite what one of the moral cretins on the US Supreme Court thinks, we do have a right to self defense and a right to defend the lives of other innocent people.)

After each such mass murder, the politicos and the folks in the main stream news media make impassioned pleas for more gun control laws, requirements and restrictions.  More gun control is not the answer.

The real reason for our 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution is that an armed citizenry is the final check to a despotic, tyrannical central government.  The framers of the Constitution did not want the government to have a monopoly on the means of force.  As an attorney I know says” “The first amendment allows us to speak against the government. The second amendment allows us to overthrow the government if need be.”

Let me ask you good liberals this:  Do you really want to live in an authoritarian police state run by the likes of an Obama, or a Hillary Clinton or a George W. Bush?

Nearly one hundred million gun owners here in these United States do not want to.  These gun owners that you liberals despise or look down on are your best hope that we will keep at least some of our freedoms.

Do not surrender your liberties in exchange for empty promises of security from a corrupt government!  A disarmed citizenry invites the government to be more rapacious.

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