Valley of Fire – a photo essay, part two

We now continue our tour of Valley of Fire State Park (east of Las Vegas).

Here we see one of the rock ledges ascending into the distance.


Lucy climbing



The visitor center is adjacent to some of the park’s rock formations.  One can stroll around the nearby area for some pictures.


Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


This next picture, taken at about 1:30 p.m., catches the sun’s light hitting the rocks with a deep blue sky behind the rocks.


rock formations 11


Closer in now with a park visitor enjoying the day.




Still at the same spot near the visitor center, this view is nice and clear.  The blue sky is helping to accentuate the beauty of the rocks at this time of day.


rocks 4


In this next shot, the presence of a person helps to convey some idea of the size of the holes or gaps in the rock face caused by erosion over time.


rocks 5


More rock, sky and sparse desert vegetation.


Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


A calm day without much breeze made for comfortable walking and picture taking.


rocks 7


Lucy particularly enjoys posing for pictures in these holes in the rock.


Lucy happy 5


While driving along White Domes Road, north of the visitor center area, a visitor has plenty of opportunities for pulling over and photographing the scenery from a distance.


rocks in the distance 10


Various colors in these rocks in the distance.  This was in the Rainbow Vista area.


rocks in the distance 11


A closer view.


Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


You can walk among the rocks in this state park.


Lucy and rocks 8


Note the change in color of this rock formation.  The difference in color of the layers is likely due to a different concentration of minerals in each layer of sediment.  Or, possibly, silica or limestone is overlaying the sandstone.


rock formations 7


Interesting shaped rocks.


rock formations 8


Evidence of ongoing erosion.


rocks 11


I begin to walk up the rock ledge.  We only ventured about half way to the end.




Lucy in the distance amid rock and sky.


Lucy climbing 2


More rocks visible from the road.


rocks in the distance 8


The darker hills (dolomite) in the distance are older than the brighter colored sandstones of the park.


rocks in the distance 9


Another scene.


Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


As you drive along the roads of the park, you encounter changing scenery that is colorful and can be surprising.


rocks in the distance 5


Rock walls in the distance.


Valley of Fire State Park Nevada


A few minutes later, yet another vista.


rocks misc 3


Nearing the end of White Domes Road and close to the turn around area (looking north).


rocks in the distance 7


The shadows are already beginning to lengthen at about 2:20 p.m. as we stop at road’s end before driving back to the southern part of the park (we are looking to the south here).


Afternoon Shadows in Valley of Fire State Park


There were quite a few visitors to this state park on this late autumn day. There is a hiking trail from this parking area.


afternoon shadows 2


Minutes later, we see more rock walls from the paved road.


Valley of Fire State Park Nevada Red Rocks


On a short side road, we come to this small parking area for taking pictures. From this marker, we see that the soil can be easily damaged by walking on it. Thus, visitors are asked to stay off the soil and take pictures from the paved area.


Valley of Fire State Park Silica Dome


Here are our pics of the silica dome.


rocks in the distance


Turning towards the left (towards the east), we took this picture.


rocks in the distance 2


Now we will work on the final installment of this 3 part essay.  This will include the pictures taken later in the afternoon with a different light effect from the sinking sun, lengthening shadows, and different shades of color emerging in the rocks.

. . . . to be continued . . . . 

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